Hiroaki Kuwabara
Kamisama no Memochou - 1-98
Name in Japanese 桑原 宏明
Romaji Translation Kuwabara Hiroaki
Debut (Anime) Episode 1
Voiced by Junji Majima (drama CD)

Takahiro Sakurai (anime)

Gender Male
Nickname/s Hiro
Affiliation/s NEET Detective Team
Hiroaki Kuwabara (桑原 宏明, Kuwabara Hiroaki), also known as Hiro (ヒロ), is a member of the NEET Detective Team, and is the information-gathering specialist in the group. His approach in looking for information is often centered on using his looks and his sweet talk, and he is often seen talking to girls, sometimes multiple girls at the same time, using more than one cellphone.


He is the only member of the NEET Detective Team who has a driver's license. As such, he acts as the chauffeur of the other NEET members.