Ming-Li Huang
Min-san profile
Name in Japanese 黄明麗
Romaji Translation Fan Min-Lī
Debut (Anime) Episode 1
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 1
Voiced by Fuyuka Oura (Drama CD)
Hitomi Nabatame (Anime)
Gender Female
Nickname/s Min
Ming-Li Huang (黄明麗, Fan Min-Lī), more popularly known as Min, is the current owner of the ramen shop Hanamaru and the one who takes care of the members of the NEET Detective Club. She is of Chinese descent but of Japanese nationality, making her Zainichi.


Min is a tall woman with dark-colored hair and brown eyes. She possesses glamorous proportions, however, she prefers to wear more comfortable clothing instead; a pair of jeans, a sarashi, and a black tank top often consist her usual look, and she always wears Hanamaru's apron.


Her personality is generally brash and tomboyish, often talking to people with a tone usually more masculine than what her looks suggest. However, she is as caring inside as she is harsh, proven by her unrelented support for the NEET Detective Club inspite of its members not being able to return the favor.


Originally, Min has no interest in handling the Hanamaru ramen shop and instead, pursues a degree in a confectionary school, where she eventually graduated. She once dreamed of opening an ice cream shop, but she was forced to put aside her dream when her father suddenly disappeared, leaving behind the Hanamaru ramen shop to her hands.

Min did not like handling the ramen shop initially, but she eventually took the responsibility to herself and continued the business, although she followed an entirely different recipe because she never received her father's recipe due to his abrupt disappearance.

She eventually took in what would become the members of NEET Detective Club.

It is later revealed that Min secretly sold various illegal drugs (cocaine, marijuana, heroin) for additional money for Hanamaru.